Obijime Collection!

For furisode (formal kimono)

For tomesode (formal kimono)

For Furisode (formal kimono)

For komono (casual kimono)

Reversible obijime

For komono (casual kimono)

Reversible obijime

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Kimono Kyoto Collection, Kimono Kyoto Night in Marunouchi, Tokyo!

The festival and party will be held in February 2011!

Date:2011/2/23日(wed) 10:00-22:00
Venue: Marunouchi building 1F (2-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ward Tokyo)
You’ll see nishijin-ori or kyo-yuzen,  other kimono collection, and introduction to kimono craft centers etc.
Entrance fee: free

Kimono Kyoto Night in Marunouchi (Kimono Party)
Date:2011/2/23日(wed) 19:30-
Venue: Marunouchi building 35F “Sens&Saveurs”(French)
(2-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ward Tokyo)
Dress code: Kimono
Charge: 5000yen
Capacity: first 100  applicants

Tickes available online
Lawson Ticket

See the official Japanese broshure(PDF)



New! The first shopping vol.3


A Set of Komon and Obi

Today, we talk about which kimono would  be suitable for your
first try if you are thinking “to wear a kimono”.

Let’s see “komon,” which is daily kimono. It’s casual, and good for beginners.
In Japan, most of students start their dressing lesson using komon because
it’s a really basic type of kimono.

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Simple Pink Colored Homon-gi

Simple and tender colored homong-i for formal occasion.
This is a rental kimono, but reasonable price!

The new year is just around the corner! Renting a kimono set might be good choice for you to try and experience kimono.

Simple is the most beautiful, don’t you think?

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25ans Kimono, Published New Kimono Magazine!

New kimono magazine is published this month.




Kimono Party Snap Photos

Furisode& Homongi in holiday attire

Hair Styling and Makeup for Kimono

Kimono Coordinating


We recommend this magazine strongly to

develop a discerning eye for formal kimono coordinating!

Check it at Amazon!



Kimono Selection -Tsumugi Homongi-




















This is Tsumugi-Homongi for semiformal occasion.

“Tsumugi” is usually stock dyeing(dyed before weaving),

but this type of kimono is piece dyeing(dyed after weaving).


We love this! This is also from the book,

Nagajuban no Kikonashi(長襦袢の着こなし)” by Sumi Sasajima.


Light beige background accented with blue color,

and it gives an impression of a serene accord with muted brown color.


One of our coordinators really love this, and tried to find the similar one.

However, as you know, it is pretty hard to do that in most cases.


It is said that the encounter a kimono as a once-in-a-lifetime one.

If you find one you really love, don’t miss it!

Check this if you are a Nagajuban freak!










If you love nagajuban(kimono undergarment), don’t miss it!

This book is written by Sumi Sasajima, who is one of famous kimono dressing coordinator.













You will see very unique nagajuban on this book.

Usually, we don’t find them at kimono stores easily,

and mostly it would be custom-made.














If you want to see more detail of the book,

check this at amazon!

Professional Kimono Dressing Techniques

We have seen lots of ladies out of Japan enjoy kimono fashion, and we are really happy with that!


We also know it’s quite difficult to learn kimono dressing(kitsuke) without any professional instructor. Even us, Japanese, go to class and practice, practice, practice to improve one’s skill!


Now we are working on the new content of professional dressing techniques and tips. We hope this may help you. If you have further question about dressing, feel free to request/ask us. That also may improve the content.