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Can you find a 4-leaf clover?

Hello Everyone!

We went a kimono weaving craft center last week.

This is one of omeshi kimono the designer showed us.
Its pattern is three-leaf clover. (hard to see though…)

However, you can see a rare four-leaf  clover from here:)
Really tiny so you may need a hand glass.

Most of people who own this prefer to put a four-leaf clover on
its sleeve. So it’s easy for your friend to enjoy finding it!

It takes double time and cost to weave this pattern,
but that is his obsession with design and he seems to
enjoy designing new patterns.

Visiting and talking kimono craft people in person give us really good
opportunity to think and feel about kimono.


Why don’t you visit them some day?



Try “Chikusen” ‘s Yukata!

Hello Everyone!


We went to Ginza district a few days before,
and most of kimono stores are ready for yukata this summer.

Most of fireworks festivals in Tokyo area will be canceled, so
We are concerned with slow sales of yukata.

Now, we’d like to introduce one of famouse yukata brands, “Chikusen.”
Their yukata are more traditional style of indigo and white coloring.

Recently, more colorful and modern design patterns yukata
are getting popular mainly among young people.

However, still those sort of traditional and simple styles are
preferred by some women because it reminds them a sense of nostalgia.

This is the most popular in 2010 among their yukata product lineup.
Relax and spend a few minutes browsing their yukata.

Chikusen Official Website Ranking 2010