Special preview of some of rental yukata!

Yukata Dress up Party on 8/6(Sat)!!




Here’s some of rental yukata for the party!









































Those are obi and accessories! How do you coordinate?









Now discover what coodinatings of yukata are waiting for you!


This is the chartered London bus!! – 8/6(Sat) Yukata Dress up Party!

————— Dress up Party info ———————-
クラッカー Yukata Dress up Party!! Let’s meet up on 8/6 (Sat) クラッカー

We will charter a London bus for the party on 8/6(Sat) 19:00 in Tokyo.アップ

The following is a special preview of the bus!!

When you arrive the gathering spot, a double decker bus like this will be waiting for you.

Passers look curiously and even some of them take photos because it’s still rare to see a double  decker bus in Japan!

Just a short note to remind you that you have your digital camera with you!!

It’s a must-have item.




A photographer will be on the bus at the party. She’ll take photos of you one by one.

Don’t forget to get all dress up!




I have never been to London, and didn’t expect that I got on a London bus in Japan. Actually the bus was running in London so many years ago. If you have never either, why don’t you join our party!!




Well, it’s time to climb aboard a bus!

“Welcome aboard:)”












You have got a wonderful view from front bench!











It changes your way of looking at things.

The wind also feel great.

It must  raise your spirits!!




To be continued…

Yukata Dress up Party on 8/6(Sat) 2011!!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce our first dress up party on 8/6 (Sat), 2011!!


Check the details of the party!!

Yukata Dress up Party 8/6, 2011























Yukata rental service is also available,

and please wait for two more  days for more details:)



We are looking forward to seeing you at the party!!