Belgium & Japanese Yukata Party!


Hello, everyone!

Today is extremely hot day in Japan!!



Well, we will have a yukata dress up party on August 11,

and the party theme is “Belgium”!


Why don’t you come and enjoy Belgian beer and foods wearing in a Japanese yukata?

For international people, dress code is either your daily casual wear or Japanese yukata.


We have some yukatas for rental. Check this out!



During the party, you may learn about both Belgium and Japanese!

Hope to see you next month!! 😀

What does the experience of wearing a kimono bring?


Wearing a Kimono (including a Summer Kimono) brings pleasure to,
not only our eyes, but to the eyes of other people as well.

The Kimono world has a similar unwritten rule.

By the way, as for Summer Kimonos, it is said that people feel a certain sex appeal
when they see the nape of a woman’s neck revealed as she wears her hair up and gathers it in a bun.


The Summer Kimono is a slightly special outfit for the Japanese.
It is common knowledge that Japanese men fall in love with
“a woman if she just wear a Summer Kimono!”


As it is also known that wearing a Kimono (or a Summer Kimono)
can bring pleasure to other people’s eyes, I think
when one wears a Kimono or a Summer Kimono,
the style is similar to a so-called ”piece of art.”


We can say that such a point of view when there is
a consideration of other people’s pleasures is not
fashion but art that is why traditional cloths.


Would like to experience a traditional summer in Japan?

We will host a yukata dress up party on Saturday,
August 11th in Ginza, Tokyo! Why don’t you come and join us?
Yukata Dress up party2012

Themed yukata party ”Belgium"

Party Concept


Have you never join a yukata party in Japan??

If you are in Tokyo on August 11, you are lucky!!

We host a yukata dress up party once a year, in summer.


This year’s party is on Augst 11(Sat). Let’s check the party information!



By the way, our party has the concept.


“Our parties offer the opportunity to enjoy wearing a Japanese kimono

or yukata (which is a casual kimono worn in the summer).



We also plan each party in order to develop awareness of

cultural exchange through  such a gathering.

Attendants of our parties love both Japanese and western fashion styles,

and are highly interested in international exchange.



Our themed parties give you an opportunity to learn about a new world by

focusing on the culture, arts, music, people and similar topics of a specific country.

We hope our parties help develop  your cultural exchange in Japan!

If you are get interested in, join us and also bring your friends too!!




Party Venue in Ginza


Hello everyone:D

It’s getting really hot and humid in Japan!!!


I visited and looked the party venue over beforehand with our party coordinator yesterday.

Check the cafe!

The cafe’s staff told us that here is getting popular by shooting TV dramas or magazines!
We are sure that you will enjoy the party at this cafe with authentic European atmosphere:D

$"Worldwideで着物を愉しむ THE 国際派和美人"-ベルギー


The theme of the party is “Belgium”

~ Feel the air of Belgium ~


Reseve your seat TODAY!



This summer’s yukata party will be held on …


Hello Everyone!!


We will host the yukata party on August 11 (Sat) in Ginza, Tokyo!!
The venue is a retro atmosphere of Japan.

That’s why the theme of the party is also “RETRO”!

Not only Japanese but many foreign tourists also visit this restaurant,

so you may enjoy the party in a retro Japanese atmosphere

with people from other countries!
Don’t miss the next for more the details!