Malaysian batik-print KIMONO!!

Let us introduce a kimono brand, ROCCOYA!


What do you think about this kimono??
Modern impression, isn’t it?

This is an tailor-made by their customer.

What a beautiful!
This is made with Malaysian batik-print technique,
This technique is called “ROKETSU-ZOME” in Japan.

Then, the designed are painted on the lining, called “HAKKAKE”.

Yes! This is the “LINING”!! The backside of the kimono!!

This is one of how to enjoy kimono as a fashion.
The hakkake appears and disappears while walking
which looks fashionable.

So why don’t you check if you see a woman in kimono?

For more detail, please contact ROCCOYA

Dyed Tsumugi XD!


I just  happened to find an kimono big sale event in Shibuya, Tokyo.


visit Tokyu Department event site

There, I found a dyed tsukesage tsumugi!

Usually, tsumugi kimono is woven, not dyed,

so this type of kimono is really rare to encounter.

Almost nothing online. Visiting actual stores is

the best way to find something special, I feel always.

I failed to save the photo of that kimono, but it is really what I love!

We are doing store visit arrangement for you.

If you are interested in visiting kimono real store in Tokyo area, feel free to contact us:)


Happy New Year2015!!


Happy New Year 2015!! How was your holiday?

We will keep posting and introducing about kimono

and the heart of the Japanese through kimono activity programs this year!!

Wish you a bright future!!