My Kimono Story #2




At first I casually thought to myself, “I want to wear a kimono!”.

It was just after this that I started to wear kimonos. As a student I worked part-time at a Tempura restaurant, where I had to wear a kimono.I was able wear a kimono on my own, but I had no real opportunity to wear one for five years after that.

One day, I happened upon a waitressing job. The restaurant needed an extra waitress for the Golden Week holidays. By then I had forgotten how to wear a kimono. Each day, as I wore a kimono, people praised me for wearing it neatly.

I was happy to hear that. When I wore a kimono, I had a good posture and I knew how I should behave as a woman.

I never forgot the sense which I had from wearing a kimono.It didn’t only augment my outward appearance
but also improved my confidence (gave me inner strength).

It’s the reason why I started wearing Kimonos.

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