Secondhand Kimono shop


I visited a craft shop & a secondhand kimono shop with Saori, our kimono coordinator:) She was looking for some materials for handmade haneri.
This craft shop has a good selection of products, fond some kimono clothes as well. Those are for KOMON kimono pattern designs.


Those are Japanese taste of patterns.

This is a photo of a secondhand kimono shop. Sometimes, you may find some good deals:) !


This is for kid’s kimono.

I love this one. This is good condition and the price is very reasonable!


We organize kimono store visit around Tokyo area for you. Please feel free to contact us for more details. The service page will be prepared soon.

Thank you for reading and Have a nice day!!







0 thoughts on “Secondhand Kimono shop

  1. KimonoKiste 返信

    oh i wish i could visit a second hand kimono shop! though my wallet would cry!!

  2. MIKOTO 返信

    Hello! Thank you for your comment:) I agree! but sometimes a second hand shop help our wallet as well XD! Hope you come and visit to get good deals!

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