Kimono Selection -Tsumugi Homongi-




















This is Tsumugi-Homongi for semiformal occasion.

“Tsumugi” is usually stock dyeing(dyed before weaving),

but this type of kimono is piece dyeing(dyed after weaving).


We love this! This is also from the book,

Nagajuban no Kikonashi(長襦袢の着こなし)” by Sumi Sasajima.


Light beige background accented with blue color,

and it gives an impression of a serene accord with muted brown color.


One of our coordinators really love this, and tried to find the similar one.

However, as you know, it is pretty hard to do that in most cases.


It is said that the encounter a kimono as a once-in-a-lifetime one.

If you find one you really love, don’t miss it!

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