Secondary disaster in kimono industry.

A month after the earthquake on 3/11.
Aftershocks are still continuing everyday.
We got another bigger one even today.

More than 10,000 people are still missing,
also nuclear accident is the primary problem for now.

We’re worried about secondary disaster
in kimono industry without exception.

Most of kimono exhibitions are canceled,
and kimono artists cannot sell their new kimono.

It’s said that some of wholesale dealers could go
bankrupt at this rate.

For kimono makers, they might lost their weaving machines
due to this quake. Here’s a problem.

There are very few craftsmen who can fix the machines.

That means that kimono making artists
can’t even weave kimono like before they did.

Most of cancellation of fireworks festivals
in summer may also cause billions of dollars worth
of damages in related-industries.

We guess this is just tip of the iceberg.
We hope the quake stop ASAP anyway.

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