Don’t miss Kimono Designer Mamechiyo’s Fabulous Art Work!!

Hello Everyone!


Today, let us introduce Mamechiyo’s fabulous art work !

This photo shooting was held in Amsterdam last year.



This art work may offer you an extraordinary experience

and take you away to a dream land!

Would you like to try these kind of styling?



Kimono styling by Mamechiyo, one of famous modern kimono designer.

Hair styling by Mieko Ueda, hair make-up artist at Shiseido.

Original source of this photo is “FROM JAPAN the kimono connection






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0 thoughts on “Don’t miss Kimono Designer Mamechiyo’s Fabulous Art Work!!

  1. dapperdolly 返信

    Wow! It’s a shame it wasn’t a sunny day as well to go with the outfit.

    1. Mikoto 返信

      Hi, thank you for your comment! Yes you are right. It would be much better photo shooting if it was a sunny day!!

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