i-wabijin, kimono fashion site&blog now available!

We would like to introduce to you here, i-wabijin kimono fashion consulting site & blog, how to enjoy the kimono fashion; covering from antique kimono style, casual daily wear kimono style, to formal style such as Furisode and Homon-gi, not a technical side such as dressing of the kimono.

Indeed, kimono is of no practical use now. However, many of Japanese women are attracted to kimono. We start learning kimono dresssing at a school, and enjoy our kimono life little by little.

Not only Japanese women but French or American women are in the same situation. Some write and publish their books of kimono from their point of view about how they are involved in kimono life. It is really happy for us that women overseas are interested in kimono.

We would prefer to tell you that not only kimono for “dressing” but other ways of importing kimono in your life to enjoy and make you happy!

0 thoughts on “i-wabijin, kimono fashion site&blog now available!

  1. ohiokimono 返信

    Thank you for starting this blog. I look forward to reading your posts, and learning more about kimono, and kitsuke.

  2. i-wabijin 返信

    Hi ohiokimono,

    Thank you for your comment!
    I’m glad that you are interested in kimono.

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