Yukata Party 2012 Report 1


Hello everyone!!


We had the yukata party on Augst 11 this summer in Ginza, Tokyo.
Let’s take a look at the partyキャハハビール



Ladies enjoy talking each other with Belgian beers and foods.
The theme of the party is “Belgium” so the party was held at the Belgian cafe.


Talking of Belgian foods, you may remember waffles, chocolates, and

Belgian cafe


Here’s olive.

Belgian cafe


And you see french fries:D

Belgian cafe

By the way, do you know that french fries are Belgian in origin?
Then why it is called “French” fry?


Belgian people speak both French and Dutch.
So it is said that the person who met a Belgian who ate french fries and spoke French was a French.



Her smile are really cute!
She drinks her beer with keen relish!!

She is in Bingata yukata.

Bingata is a famous Okinawa-native dyeing technique with
bright vivid colors, using stencils.


Continues to Part2…

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  2. Linda Kole 返信

    The yukata party looked so much fun (*^-^*)/ so many happy people

    It is funny that you write about french and Belgian fries. The are both very yummy (*^-^*)/ I believe that french fries are very long and thin and Belgian fries are a bit shorter and bigger.

    French fries http://www.sevendays.nl/uploads/pictures/cache/newsartimage_170985_560_9999_scl.jpg

    Belgian fries http://static.flickr.com/48/130177491_6706e2631e.jpg

    1. MIKOTO 返信

      Hello Linda-san!

      Thank you very much for your comment:)
      Yes, we wrote about french fries because our party’s theme was “Belgium”, and french fries was one of their famous food! We had a small lecture about Belgium, and now learned about that country little. Other participants also enjoyed that lecture and quizes:D

      You photo of french fries may help other readers to know how they look like!

      Thank you again,

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