It’s too late to start learning kimono in your thirties


The way of enjoying a kimono life with real pleasure


“Experience kimonos in your late teens.

The best time to start kimono life is in your early twenties
and with a sense of adventure!


In your thirties, step up for the next stage by dressing maturely.”

The average age for women starting kimono life in Japan is in their thirties. But most people find that,  “It was too late !” after starting kimono life.

From the aspect of traditional garment, thirties might be the right time to get interested and start kimono life. Most people in their thirties have the money to spare for kimono, and the capacity to listen deeply to more traditional stories.

Then why do we recommend starting in early twenties? As you may know, kimono fashion styles are varying recently; they are not only like the traditional styles but more of a modern fashionable style. So, you had better try and learn as many kimono styles in your twenties; you take in authentic kimonos in your thirties and are familiar with refined kimonos in your forties.

You may sometimes come across a kimono style and/or colors that may have suited you in your youth, but now have regrets for a late start! Japanese tend to take into consideration one’s age when choosing something, though people overseas don’t care about it. However it is also true that there are colors and patterns suited for young people only.

Color tones are an important point as well.

For a simple example,

Red × yellowish green” are for teens and early twenties.

Dark red ×Dark green” are more for late twenties and thirties.

By changing color tones, we can make different impressions.

Similar color combinations are “safe” but can be boring. Try using complementary colors combinations for a playful touch! In most cases, it is said that color combinations for kimono are totally different from that of daily clothes, and you may find even an unexpected color will suit you.

We would like you to experience such kimono magic once in a lifetime.

Dear ladies in twenties, how about trying kimono as fashion?

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0 thoughts on “It’s too late to start learning kimono in your thirties

  1. Wren Diamond 返信

    I love kimono fashion! As a foreigner living in Japan it seems a little more freedom is given regarding kimono choices. But you’re right, they definitely have standards and expectations for kimono wearing and just like any other fashion the trends change every season.

  2. MIKOTO 返信

    Hi Wren Diamond san.

    Thank you for your comment!

    Glad to hear that you love kimono fashion! Your observation seems to be great. We may need to keep standards and traditional rules for formal occasion, but we would be happy that more people enjoy more casual style as you do 🙂

  3. PaperTigress (@FabricMagpie) 返信

    It is NEVER too late to start wearing Kimono :). Older ladies just get to leap straight over the bright colours and into calm elegance.

    1. MIKOTO 返信

      Thank you for your comment and I truly agree your opinion:) Actually in Japan, Most of people who start getting interested in are in their 30’s. So this article is kind of message to people in 20s so that they can find it more interesting fashion but i think i missed that explanation in the article. Thank you so much for your voice!! You seem to enjoy your kimono life:)

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