Have you ever tried Japanese tea ceremony?




We now have a Tea ceremony club to learn about our culture through tea ceremony workshop, and just had it last weekend! 








We were practicing a part of performance of how to fold a small silk cloth to wipe utensils. The instructor taught us very kindly and we could enjoy the class in a very warm atmosphere:)  This was the final day of 3-days program so we did both roles of a host& a guest, and learned how to perform each role.  The small goal of this program is to make a tea(maccha) to one’s guests or friends at home.





This is “Wagashi”, a sweet, chosen by the instructor. She select it every time thinking of the season. For example, the top of this wagashi is a green maple reminding us the season of new green leaves. The instructor explained everything step by step that kind of story and how to do omotenashi.







It is not easy to make it creamy as you see … 

It is pretty hard to remember all process of preparing and making a tea, but we had a really good time!!




This culture is good way to know and experience about “Omotenashi spirit” even for us, Japanese.

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, feel free to come and join us!


Thank you for reading!






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