Wearing kimonos and everyday clothes, gap is charming


People are surprised to see unexpected things, and gap is very charming. I like kimonos as much as everyday clothes so don’t think that people should only wear kimonos.




The image of Japanese kimono is more “elegant” than active, because the kimono is not just  fashion but a traditional garment that affects how you feel, speak and walk.

According to our feeling, there are days we want to be active or elegant when  wearing kimonos. We may want to enjoy wearing our everyday clothes or sometimes show what we can’t express by wearing kimonos. There may  be the opinion that we can express active feeling by wearing kimonos, but I think excessive active feeling does not suit kimonos’ atmosphere.

Then it is better, “fusion of Western style and Japanese style”.

What is a Gap?




For example, if there is a woman, who would usually wear a provocative dress, by her wearing a simple design kimono elegantly, men might be very taken with her “gap”. On the other hand, it is nice that a woman, who might usually wear a lacy dress and has pretty impression, wear cool kimonos very well.

If there is a man, who usually wear a t-shirt and jeans, said that “I like kimonos and often wear it”, people are surprised at his “gap” .

One of the pleasures of fashion is that we can express many different self-images with kimonos, which we can’t express with everyday fashion. We recommend that you try kimono fashion, even just one time.

Here’s a story. When I studied abroad, there was a blond haired, Japanese woman with heavy make-up who spoke English like a native speaker and seemed very American. I had a little prejudice toward her looks at that time and thought, “She may like American style more than Japanese”.

However, I found that she had learned to play Japanese koto (traditional instrument) for a long time and had a definite knowledge of Japanese culture.

Her story totally changed my image of her  by this “gap”!

Although this is just an example story, we tend to judge someone’s character and even lifestyle based on our first impression. Needless to say, first impressions are very important too.

Some people express their looks which are thought good self-image by around them; others make different it to come across as such a gap between personality and appearance.

We also can say that it is not necessarily a coincidence  – personality and appearance. It should not be  applied in a business scene, because the gap may work against us. But, it might be a good strategy in private life to give others a unique impression.

The way of choosing clothes, dresses and accessories depends on what we favor. In fact, I wonder if we can express our true self when we put on something that is a favorite, however, the choice is affected by not only our taste but also character and preference with more  factors when we choose something.

We may feel, “It might be different of our true self “, but we might choose it because of something rooted in  our character is working psychologically. So it is more difficult to build a self-image than we think.

Which is my true self? It is said that no one knows about oneself best.

An image consultant can’t propose a good plan to clients, if they know looks only. They make a client’s self-image by analyzing a lot of information which includes a way of talking, acting, lifestyle, hobby, and character. It is a nice job that they try to
find our self-image which we don’t know as a professional. There are many different ways to make self-image and attract the “gap”.

Which do you choose as the way to express yourself, by using personality = appearance or personality ≠ appearance?