Cherry Blossoms!






Have you seen cherry blossoms in Japan?

The cherry trees are almost in full bloom.


They were saying on the TV news that a Korean tourist take a day trip to view cherry blossoms in Japan!




I went view cherry blossoms with my family:)

This season may the happiest time for everyone.




Once cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they usually only last for about a week before all the petals fall to the ground.

In March & April is the season of graduation and starting new year in Japan, therefore, cherry blossoms are the symbol of new year.


You have chance to see Yaezakura around this weekend, and I will go to see them again! If you have a chance to visit Japan, don’t miss this ohanami season XD!







Do you know how to find out the difference between plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and cherry blossoms?


Walking town, we can see cherry blossoms already in Japan! It is faster than usual year.

Since I started to wear Kimono, in fact, I found that I prefer plum
blossoms more than cherry blossoms.

Actually, I prefer “the trunk of the plum tree” rather than the actual plum blossoms (Laugh). “Red and White Plum Trees” is a famous painting  by Ogata Kōrin, an Artist of the Edo period,and I have been excited by the charm of plum blossoms since seeing a kimono with a painted plum blossoms pattern.


Plum blossoms in the Language of Flowers means “commanding beauty”. I even felt the word might come from the toughness of the trunk of the plum tree.


By the way, do you know how to find out the difference between plum blossoms, peach blossoms, and cherry blossoms?


In fact, these 3 blossoms are same kind of Prunus (Rosaceae). The blooming position on the tree and the shape of the petals helps tell these 3 blossoms apart.

Plum blossoms grow on the branches, and the tips of the petals are round. Peach blossoms grow along the branches, and the tips of the petals end in a  sharp point. Cherry blossoms have a larger blooming area, as they grow in clusters of two to three on the branches and have a longer than average flower stem. It looks gorgeous. The tips of the petals have rough edges!

Coming this season, we see these 3 blossoms, but these
have different features each other, If you see these 3 blossoms,
please check it.


Can you name those?




April 6(Sat) 2013 Ohanami&Lunch party will be held!!


We are going to host an Ohanami(Cherry Blossom Viewing) lunch party on April 6(Sat)!

The party is a great opportunity to communicate with you all because
MIKOTO staffs are going to participate too.

The party is casual style. Let’s enjoy delightful cherry trees at the party purely!

After lunch party, we are planning to have an photo shooting time at a garden.
If the cherry‐blossom front is right time, we could see
a lot of fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the restaurant!

We are looking forward to having a wonderful time with you.


Date & Time: Saturday, April 6 13:45 – 16:30(planning)

Dress code: Kimono/Casual dress
Place: Tokyo, Sirokane Happo-en 1F Thrush Café
(Casual French course *not including alcohol)
Meeting time:13:30
Meeting place:Happoen entrance Map
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line,Toei Mita Line Sirokanedai Station (Exit 2 ; 1 minutes walk)
Seats: 6 persons
Price: 5,000 yen
(You need to pay in advance. Payment accepted by bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal is available to pay by credit card).
The deadline for entry: Sunday, March 24
* If you would like to dress in a kimono, feel free to contact us in advance.
* No hair make-up service available.
* Not including alcohol at the lunch.
Please use entry form.
The seats are limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.

Hope to meet you at the party:)