kimono Brand Sale

Hi !

We just went to a brand family sale last week and found some beautiful:)

I would like to share some of photos.

It is usually said that the size of kimono are smaller for even us, Japanese (We are getting taller!) but this brand covers not only regular size but LL, 3L and even “size O”!

I love the 3rd one, lace yukata, but how about you?

Fireworks season is just around the courner in Japan. Are you ready for it? We are preapring yukata rental and dressing service for this year as well. If you need anything, feel free to contact us:)

Thank you for reading!


Malaysian batik-print KIMONO!!

Let us introduce a kimono brand, ROCCOYA!


What do you think about this kimono??
Modern impression, isn’t it?

This is an tailor-made by their customer.

What a beautiful!
This is made with Malaysian batik-print technique,
This technique is called “ROKETSU-ZOME” in Japan.

Then, the designed are painted on the lining, called “HAKKAKE”.

Yes! This is the “LINING”!! The backside of the kimono!!

This is one of how to enjoy kimono as a fashion.
The hakkake appears and disappears while walking
which looks fashionable.

So why don’t you check if you see a woman in kimono?

For more detail, please contact ROCCOYA

If you love to be “UNIQUE”, check this yukata brand!

Bushoan is a very popular brand among big kimono fans who wish to be “UNIQUE”!

The textile of their yukata varies from high quality of polyester( washable at home!), cotton to line. If you seek a “UNIQUE” fashion style, why don’t you try them?








Those two yukatas are worn as “semiformal kimono” not just yukata!