vol.7 Obi-chan, a woman who has her own style



Milestones in her life


Started working as a nurse while studying at a nursing night school for five years
Graduated from nursing school Age 23
Gained re-employment at a university hospital as a nurse Age 24
Started being aware of lifestyle management Age 29
Marriage Age 31

Would you tell us the reason why you got interested in nursing as your career?


I have an elder brother and a younger brother and am the only girl. My Parents had a thought, “A girl doesn’t need to go to university, she should work after graduating high school.” I somewhat agreed with them. I then took some civil-service examinations without careful consideration and I couldn’t pass them. :’-( One of the reasons I chose nursing as my career was because I failed the examinations. However, I also had a feeling in the bottom of my heart, “I would like to go to college to learn more and decide my future plan whilst enjoying campus life”.

Now I believe that it was s good decision for me to work as a nurse. Nurses always face human life and I am required to study about not only diseases but also mental health. Furthermore, there are more opportunities to develop a career in many varied fields.

We have a saying, “Sickness and health start with the mind.” When we get sick, we become very nervous. I felt frustration and a bit depressed when I returned to work. I suffered from both, and found the importance of a healthy mental condition. Getting a disease is a trial in our life. For my patients, I would like to be a nurse who understands them by the side of mental balance.

That is why I would like to advise them to choose convinced treatments after consideration when people get ill. This position as a nurse taught me that it is important to face and care for myself, and would like to value my lifestyle as well.

What do you do as a nurse?


I am in charge of outpatients at a university hospital. I instruct patients and mainly assist doctors. I am in a team so I have many things to do; staff training, arrangements, activities, operational improvement, in additional to routine works.

You have experience in various diagnosis and treatment department. Would you tell us the reason why you try not to focus on only one expertise but cover more? What do you think about your future career and your life plan?


At first, I hoped to work in intensive care or the emergency room, like seen in a TV drama. I temporarily worked in the emergency treatment department. However it was such a severe condition, especially human relationship. After a while, I was transferred to outpatient department without my will and had to experience in many diagnosis and treatment departments.

For the future, I would like to conduct a broader range of activities for health and mental care to cheer up people, regardless of my profession or place of employment. Furthermore, I would like to learn English and care for guests from foreign countries. I hope to get any opportunities at the Tokyo Olympics!

Do you have any goals and challenges for the future?


I would like to foster a rich humanity, especially a person with broad mind. My ideal person does not blame but understands and accepts different values.

I believe that this real world is the reflection of my mind. I try not to forget humble heart, and I always bear in mind to keep my eyes open for the meaning in an undesirable accident. I also love to read books and join activities for cultivating humanness. Changing my mindset leads to change and betters my own and even the life of people around me.

It is important to take work life balance. Do you usually make a conscious effort to live your daily life?


・I concentrate on what I’m doing now.
・I ask someone to do what I can’t do.
・I have a meditation time to do yoga three to five times in a week.

Yoga gets rid of my tiredness and makes my body feel refreshed. Taking slow breaths on a yoga mat, I can be aware of many things such as my weakness or pressures through yoga. Awareness provides a clue to consider in other way and change myself. So yoga time is important for me to reflect on myself.

You have many hobbies. How do you spend your private time? Would you tell us your recent interests and hobbies?



I am interested in adventure tours, health, mountains and nature, reading. I don’t have enough time to do those, so for now I try to appreciate fun of daily life, cleaning my room and cooking (laugh). I would like to entertain my guests with hospitality.

You love bamboo, this gives us the impression of a person with a strong belief, like bamboo. Are you usually conscious of a sense of yourself?


I love bamboo’s characteristics, standing straight and silence, with nodes as our life has some milestones. It might be a good way to have such milestones or goals, step by step in my life. Being myself is to believe my intuition and decide things and take action. It is important that you listen to your inner voice and make time to reflect on what is inside your heart.

Have you been making a conscious life plan and management?


No, I wasn’t conscious of it in my twenties. However, I had started thinking about what I wanted to be in the future. I gradually became conscious of life management by attending some workshops to reflect on myself and making a dream map once a year since my encounter with yoga at age of 29.


How do you create your lifestyle in the future?


The most important thing for me is to create social connections. I would like to be the one with a lot of people around.

I wish to have a baby in my thirties. Also I would like to mature as a person, manage daily life well, and keep a healthy body. I will have many opportunities to meet various people and learn new things. So I would like to move to action what I want to do with my intuition.

Next, I hope to work beyond places of employment in my forties. Only hospital is not the place. At that moment, I will be happy if I have reliable business partners.

You have great vision and actively spend your life with interests and concerns.Could you give us a message for women who want to build up individuality?


It’s just simple. Follow your heart. You should have the courage to listen to your intuition. Your intuition knows what you want to be. That’s why I recommend you to have time to dialogue with yourself and hear your inner voice.


We feel her strong will through conversation with her, and she is a wonderful woman living up to her beliefs. She creates a picture in her mind and takes action to move forward to the realization of what she wants to be. We should emulate her activeness!

Obi-chan, thank you for sharing your wonderful story!