Hello! Thank for waiting:) Here’s other kimono collections from WA-ART.


This is a wedding kimono for bride.


This is from ROCCOYA.


This one looks more pop style and exhilarating, don’t you think? XD


This is more like party style and you see unsymmetrical color and design. If you love to be uniques, why don’t you try those kind of style?


This is from KIMONO WORLD PROJECT for Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. The theme of the project is 10 countries and this kimono is from Lithuania. You will see some color pattern difference from the one below, Japanese traditional style. I like both but how about you?


Hope you find this interesting and wait for the next post!

Thank you:)

New Furisode Collection Exihibition


The other day I attended a FURIFU fashion show They showed off some of their new designs.
Furifu is one of the famous kimono brands targeting girls in their 20’s.

The theme of the show was Furisode, the most formal kimono which we seldom have the opportunity to wear usually. However, the colors and patterns were gorgeous; it was a very stimulating and enjoyable event!

It would seem that there were many high school students that came to select a Furisode for their coming-of-age ceremony next year. In fact, some of them were only seventeen and came to select a Furisode for their coming-of-age ceremony the year after next.

If you go to FURIFU’s web site, you will see that there are only  exquisite Kimonos. I couldn’t decide which was my favorite Kimono immediately (laugh).

Actually, I tried on a Furisode and some Komono.
I was very excited.

Actually, I bought one from many Kimonos.

MIKOTO’s Coordinator chose the Kimono that the MC (master of ceremonies) is going to wear to the party in September. You will have to wait until the party to see this beautiful Kimono.

I hope you enjoy my photos from the event.