Party Concept


Have you never join a yukata party in Japan??

If you are in Tokyo on August 11, you are lucky!!

We host a yukata dress up party once a year, in summer.


This year’s party is on Augst 11(Sat). Let’s check the party information!



By the way, our party has the concept.


“Our parties offer the opportunity to enjoy wearing a Japanese kimono

or yukata (which is a casual kimono worn in the summer).



We also plan each party in order to develop awareness of

cultural exchange through  such a gathering.

Attendants of our parties love both Japanese and western fashion styles,

and are highly interested in international exchange.



Our themed parties give you an opportunity to learn about a new world by

focusing on the culture, arts, music, people and similar topics of a specific country.

We hope our parties help develop  your cultural exchange in Japan!

If you are get interested in, join us and also bring your friends too!!