Yukata Party 2012 Report 2


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Hello everyone!!

Continued from the previous report, it is Belgium quiz time!


yukata party quiz

yukata party quiz

My hair style is like chimney! (Laugh)



Let’s take a look at what kind of quizzes we had.


(1) Which country did Belgium became independent from in the 19th Century?
(2) GODIVA is famous for its chocolate. Where is its birth place?
(3) How do you say “Japan” in Dutch?
(4) What do you call beer made in Trappist monasteries?
(5) “The Geographer” was painted by Vermeer. What kind of clothing is the man wearing?


The answer to the last question is Kimono.



Now, International Vermeer and Vermeer-Related Events were held in Tokyo at the Metropolitan Art Museum.
In addition, Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in the 19th Century. It is said that the Japanese Kimono was popular in the Netherlands and Europe around the 14th Century and many artists completed paintings of persons dressed in Kimonos.


I thought Belgium is a long way away from Japan, unexpectedly enough, Belgium and Japan have “a Japanese Kimono bond.”



Answer check….! Who answered all quizzes perfect?!

yukata party quize

yukata party quize present

What presents did they get?

In addition, each party participant receives
a special coupon in a gift bag which is given to them at the end of the party.

We listened to a brief lecture and learned that Belgium beer is very profound!



These glasses…. and

belgian beer

This one. Do you see the differences of its shapes?

belgian beer


It is said that there are many types of glassware for beer in Belgium. For example there are tulip types, sacred cup types, wide at the bottom types, a woman’s body type and so on…


We have to select the glass with beer brand.
Belgium beer is sold with a particular type of glass and to drink it in any other kind of glass is   incorrect.



glasses belgian beer

How many gorgeous glasses sit on the kitchen counter!



There are more than 800 beer brands, and there are beer kinds such as wine beer.


If you have the opportunity, why don’t you try and enjoy drinking Belgium beer?



Continues to Part3…

What does the experience of wearing a kimono bring?


Wearing a Kimono (including a Summer Kimono) brings pleasure to,
not only our eyes, but to the eyes of other people as well.

The Kimono world has a similar unwritten rule.

By the way, as for Summer Kimonos, it is said that people feel a certain sex appeal
when they see the nape of a woman’s neck revealed as she wears her hair up and gathers it in a bun.


The Summer Kimono is a slightly special outfit for the Japanese.
It is common knowledge that Japanese men fall in love with
“a woman if she just wear a Summer Kimono!”


As it is also known that wearing a Kimono (or a Summer Kimono)
can bring pleasure to other people’s eyes, I think
when one wears a Kimono or a Summer Kimono,
the style is similar to a so-called ”piece of art.”


We can say that such a point of view when there is
a consideration of other people’s pleasures is not
fashion but art that is why traditional cloths.


Would like to experience a traditional summer in Japan?

We will host a yukata dress up party on Saturday,
August 11th in Ginza, Tokyo! Why don’t you come and join us?
Yukata Dress up party2012

Themed yukata party ”Belgium"

This summer’s yukata party will be held on …


Hello Everyone!!


We will host the yukata party on August 11 (Sat) in Ginza, Tokyo!!
The venue is a retro atmosphere of Japan.

That’s why the theme of the party is also “RETRO”!

Not only Japanese but many foreign tourists also visit this restaurant,

so you may enjoy the party in a retro Japanese atmosphere

with people from other countries!
Don’t miss the next for more the details!



Announcement: Yukata Party 2012!!!


Hello kimono lovers 😀


We are happy to announce that we will have a Yukata Party for this summer again!!!


The theme of the party will be “RETRO” !

You may coordinate your yukata style with something “RETRO” such as hair styling or accessories etc…


Join our Facebook page, and follow our posts for the detail of the party.

Also Check our Yukata Party Report 2011!


Let’s get together and enjoy to meet new friends and communicate with them!!

We are look forward to seeing you at the Party this summer!!