“Why did you start kimono dressing?”


Hi! This is SAORI, Kimono Coordinator. I would like to talk about myself today:)

I often get a question from my customers, “Why did you start kimono dressing?”



To tell you the truth, I became a kimono dresser because I wanted to get dress kimono to people overseas! Also I would like to study overseas, then started learning my own culture.
I have been participating volunteer kimono dressing to people from various countries such as USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, China, Congo, Thailand, France, Syria, Honduras, Australia, Vietnam, Bulgaria etc.

I have also visited Vietnam and Mexico for kimono dressing.

On the other day, an artist from overseas contacted me for dressing and here’s her photo:)

kimono dressing


She was really beautiful!! Kimono is Japanese traditional clothe but anyone from other countries dress exquisitely!!!I feel always happy to see their smile!


Basically, traditional kimono has more soft colors but I believe people overseas tend to suit with vivid colored kimono. If you would like to try kimono dressing, come and see me! I would be very happy to help you:)

Thank you for reading!!