Saori’s Room : Photos from Kimono Salone!


Hi there!
This is Saori, Kimono Coordinator.

I went to see Kimono Salone in Nihonbashi the other day and let me share some photos!


Did you find anything you like?
There were 100 coordinates by kimono shops’ stylists or personal kimono dressers/coordinators. Even you can apply to show your coordinating so why don’t you try next year? 🙂

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The Role of Ohashori of Kimono



For women’s kimono, kitake (dress length) is generally adjusted by folding the cloth at the waist, this is because mitake (length of clothing) is longer than kitake, unlike Western clothing. The folding part of the cloths is called “Ohashori”.

The history of Ohashori started around 150 years ago during the Meiji Era.

In the old days, cloths were quite valuable in Japan. Some upper classes wore a kimono with a long hem in order to show they were rich enough to afford a lot of valuable cloths. Then, they would walk trailing the hem whilst indoors and holding it up outdoors by tying an obi.

It is said that the folding of the obi has been simplified and has formed the current Ohashori.

Nowadays, we do not have to advertise our wealth by Ohashori. Still, there are two important roles of practicing it.

One role is the visual effect that the upper and the lower parts of the body balance each other well by the Ohashori line. The other is the flexibility to be able to wear a kimono beautifully and comfortably by adjusting Ohashori according to changes in body shape.

As a small child gets taller, for example, they can wear a kimono of appropriate length adjusted by the parent. Even an elderly person whom is bent at the waist and has a protruding abdomen can wear kimono by adjusting Ohashori in line with the body shape.

When a kimono is passed down from a mother to a daughter or from an elder to a younger sister, Ohashori can be adjusted according to the height of the person who wears it. Additionally, if one’s favorite kimono wears out, it has enough cloth to make adjustments.

Thus, Ohashori play a role in telling the importance of passing on kimono to be worn by future generations.
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Would you like to try Japanese kimono dressing? Feel free to contact us for arrangement via inquiry form. We cover around Tokyo. Why don’t you just walk around the city wearing a kimono?

Yukata Dressing Party on August 2nd this summer!!




We are happy to announce that we will have a yukata dress up party on

August 2nd this summer!!! If you would like to try yukata dressing and enjoy a party,

why don’t you come and join us XD !!


Further details coming soon!

Thank you for reading:)






Yukata Dress up Party 2013 Information!



Hello everyone!

We will have a yukata dress up party this year again!!


Party Concept is “Enjoy a fusion of Japanese & Western style Yukata Coordination” 


If you would like to try a new styling of yukata fashion with daily accessories, please come and join us!!  




Let’s leave with pleasant memories in the backstage dressing room!


Hello everyone!


We are proceeding with the preparations for the photo shooting yukata party in September.

Since the past party, the photographer took photos only at the party.

However, for this year, the photo shooing in the backstage dressing room will be held to

leave with many pleasant memories as well:)

You will have more photos of you and your friends, and other attendants!If you will be in Japan on September 4th and 14th, come and join us!!








April 6(Sat) 2013 Ohanami&Lunch party will be held!!


We are going to host an Ohanami(Cherry Blossom Viewing) lunch party on April 6(Sat)!

The party is a great opportunity to communicate with you all because
MIKOTO staffs are going to participate too.

The party is casual style. Let’s enjoy delightful cherry trees at the party purely!

After lunch party, we are planning to have an photo shooting time at a garden.
If the cherry‐blossom front is right time, we could see
a lot of fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the restaurant!

We are looking forward to having a wonderful time with you.


Date & Time: Saturday, April 6 13:45 – 16:30(planning)

Dress code: Kimono/Casual dress
Place: Tokyo, Sirokane Happo-en 1F Thrush Café
(Casual French course *not including alcohol)
Meeting time:13:30
Meeting place:Happoen entrance Map
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line,Toei Mita Line Sirokanedai Station (Exit 2 ; 1 minutes walk)
Seats: 6 persons
Price: 5,000 yen
(You need to pay in advance. Payment accepted by bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal is available to pay by credit card).
The deadline for entry: Sunday, March 24
* If you would like to dress in a kimono, feel free to contact us in advance.
* No hair make-up service available.
* Not including alcohol at the lunch.
Please use entry form.
The seats are limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.

Hope to meet you at the party:)




Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono dressing show


Hello everyone!

I went to see a Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono dressing show last weekend.

Juni-hitoe(Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono)  is a ceremonial robe that was
the proper attire for court ladies and daughters of the warrior-class
families in the Heian Period and after.

The juni-hitoe were termed “color clothes” because
the aristocrats of the day matched the color of the juni-hitoe with the season.

Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

There were two dressers both front and back. (can’t see the back side from this photo though…:)
A front dresser must get on her knees to get dressed to a noble person not to breathe her.

Dressers use only two koshihimo strings to get dressed.


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

Beautiful layers? Color coordination patterns exist more than 200!!


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

Back side looks like this…


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

How’s it? The weight is around 16 kg!

It is tough to be beautiful all through the ages, isn’t it?


Twelve-layered ceremonial kimono

This is the best angle to take a shot!


Hope you enjoy:D


Party Venue in Ginza


Hello everyone:D

It’s getting really hot and humid in Japan!!!


I visited and looked the party venue over beforehand with our party coordinator yesterday.

Check the cafe!

The cafe’s staff told us that here is getting popular by shooting TV dramas or magazines!
We are sure that you will enjoy the party at this cafe with authentic European atmosphere:D

$"Worldwideで着物を愉しむ THE 国際派和美人"-ベルギー


The theme of the party is “Belgium”

~ Feel the air of Belgium ~


Reseve your seat TODAY!