Unexpected reason of “Emon” of Kimono



One of the key points when wearing kimono is to show the neckline by pulling down the back of the kimono. This process is called “Emon wo nuku” in Japanese. If you look at someone wearing kimono from the side or behind, you can see the back of the neck with its collar tugged down. This is “Emon wo nuku”, which shows a more beautiful neckline.

However, making the neckline look pretty isn’t the reason why people started wearing kimono this way. It was to prevent the collar from getting dirty when rubbing on the neck. It also worked well to keep the bun of traditional Japanese hairstyle intact.

These reasons might sound logical but tasteless. This particular kimono style complements the smooth neckline from the bun down and also brings out the beauty of female softness.

You need to adjust how much you can pull down the kimono depending on the situation. It is considered tacky if your neckline is showing too much during formal settings. However, a deep neckline can be acceptable at less formal dinner parties.

Unlike dresses, kimono doesn’t show cleavage. Instead, it shows the back of the neck to accentuate the beauty of the females back line. Kimono might be able to help you find your new self.

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