Saori’s Room : How to keep Kimono&Obi at home



If you love kimono, you may have more kimono and need space to keep them. Basically, the best way is to keep in Tatoshi, a kimono wrapping paper.

However, you will find that it is little inconvenient to repeat open up, and wear a kimono, and fold and put it back in a tatoshi again and again if you would like to wear kimonos often.

I tried to buy a chest of drawers made of paulownia wood, but took one like the above for easy handling!

I placed kimonos on the upper space, and next Nagoya obi(daily use), and then Fukuro obi(formal use).

However, of course, i keep in the paulownia wood chest for good kimono such as pure silk kimono…

A dummy next to it.
I can start coordinating once any ideas pop up in my mind!


Hair wig next to it.
(I do hair stylying as well!)

Hope this helps for you:)

Thank you for reading.
See you next post!

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