Ori no kimono (Woven Kimono)

Oshima Tsumugi  Photo Reference:Pinterest.com

Ori kimono (woven kimono) is often worn casually. You can wear it without hesitation as a stylish everyday garment. You can also wear it on semi-formal occasions such as attending cultural lessons or casual parties if you coordinate the design using obi and accessories.

Among Ori kimono, “Tsumugi” kimono is known for being expensive. It is named according the place in which it was produced, “Oshima Tsumugi,”“Yuki Tsumugi,”and “Shiosawa Tsumugi.”

Yuki Tsumugi   Photo Reference:Pinterest.com

“Oshima Tsumugi” and “Yuki Tsumugi” are well known as high quality products. The process of making Tsumugi is very complicated. It takes more than a year to complete the process.

You cannot wear Tsumugi kimono on formal occasions such as a wedding ceremony no matter how expensive it is. Kimono is graded according to its types. Tsumugi is regarded as a “casual garment.” If someone wears “Tsumugi” kimono naturally, as casual wear, he/she is considered “iki”(cool). Tsumugi kimono is the most advanced style in kimono. It’s not easy to wear stylishly.

Some kimono and Ori kimono are both beautiful and elegant. If you like a traditional and refined style, Some kimono is for you. If you would like a casual and stylish kimono, you can enjoy Ori kimono.

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