How about simple design kimonos?


Brilliant kimonos are popular among fans overseas, but there are lots of simple design kimonos. We would like to introduce some one them:)

This seems to be simple design and called “KANOKO pattern” which is one of traditional kimono design patterns.

This kimono has also simple design but you can select HAKKAKE(lining of kimono). Furthermore, you can select the color from Bokashi(gradation) and simple colored HAKKAKE, and simple colored one looks more fashionable. Bokashi hakkake gives an impression of traditional style.

This is a wool red dot patten kimono. The brand, GENJI MONOGATARI is one of famous yukata brands.

The last one is simple pattern with color. Isn’t it cute?
How’s simple ones? Hope you will enjoy!

New! The first shopping vol.3


A Set of Komon and Obi

Today, we talk about which kimono would  be suitable for your
first try if you are thinking “to wear a kimono”.

Let’s see “komon,” which is daily kimono. It’s casual, and good for beginners.
In Japan, most of students start their dressing lesson using komon because
it’s a really basic type of kimono.

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