New Announcement!





Please be informed that we will renew “i-Wabijin Online Salon” with changes to the site positioning and it’s purpose.

We have previously distributed content that focuses on Japanese kimono, however, we would like to shift our services to propose and support you and our members’ lives with the theme, “international Wabijin” to help enrich your lifestyle. “i-Wabijin (international Wabijin)” represents ladies who have the essence of both Japanese and Western beauties. This can be a lifestyle theme for women from Japan.

There are two main categories for future content. The first category is kimono related experiences and content to feel the Japanese sense and spirit thorough kimono. The second category will focus on women in the world introducing their real life. From global viewpoints, we distribute content containing useful information for women.

In Japan, we are facing globalization and it is important how we design our lifestyles to live physically and mentally richer in the future.

A new women’s lifestyle might be created by the fusion of Japanese style and western style. Also, you will get new values when you know other women’s lifestyles that will be introduced in our online salon. Additionally, we hope that you have a chance to learn more about Japanese culture. You know that women are very powerful, flexible and adaptable. And we believe that women can create positive change in the world and a better future just by changing our minds little by little.

Japanese are good at applying information for practical use. We have mixed Japanese and foreign cultures by adjusting our taste. Now it is time to go to the next stage to create change by considering not only Japanese women but also other women living around the world. It will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know more Japanese women’s powerful, real life stories, through this online salon. We are delighted to offer you new exchanging places for sharing information.

We have not changed our concept, “international Wabijin”. We shall continue offering opportunities for you to experience Japanese kimono fashion, and would really like you to try it at least once in your life!

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our future online salon!