Rainforest Yukata?!!


Do you prefer traditional style yukata, or usucual style ones? We would like to introduce you unique yukata, named “RAINFOREST YUKATA”!!





Produced by ROCCOYA, and Roccko san is the owner of the shop. Roccoya’s concept is “KIMONO made by textiles overseas”. You will find that when you visit her shop online by clicking images below. Textiles come from variety of countries from Thailand, Korea, Canada, and USA.

How do you think about them? Exciting?!

If you live in Japan now, visit Yukata events at Laforet Harajuku!
You can meet Rocco san!

Don’t miss it! XD

Antique Pattern custom-made Nagajubanin from the Taisho period


One of the most popular brands among kimono fans is Furifu.
Their target is women in their twenties.

When I dropped in at the shop, the staff showed me some very interesting things.
They were the design patterns of Nagajuban from the Taisho period.
There are no images that capture the true appearance,
please refer to the antique Kimono images index here.

Alternatively, if you do a web search for Furifu,
you will get a small idea of the appearance from the images.

Antique patterns from the Taisho period are different from
modern Kimono patterns. Ball and polka dot patterns have a pretty appearance
but create a fluffy pattern. The Western pattern is unique.

You can have one custom made by selecting a pattern from
more than twenty types! An additional attractive point is that
the Furifu brand is made by MIMATSU which is a
long-established kimono manufacturer.
Their dyeing technique enables us to change the design color to whatever color you like.

The sky is the limit, isn’t it?

It takes about three months to receive your custom-made Nagajuban.
If you are interested in this, I recommend that you visit a Furifu shop when you have chance to come to Japan.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us:)