Yukata Dressing Party on August 2nd this summer!!




We are happy to announce that we will have a yukata dress up party on

August 2nd this summer!!! If you would like to try yukata dressing and enjoy a party,

why don’t you come and join us XD !!


Further details coming soon!

Thank you for reading:)






Yukata Dress up Party 2013 Information!



Hello everyone!

We will have a yukata dress up party this year again!!


Party Concept is “Enjoy a fusion of Japanese & Western style Yukata Coordination” 


If you would like to try a new styling of yukata fashion with daily accessories, please come and join us!!  




Let’s leave with pleasant memories in the backstage dressing room!


Hello everyone!


We are proceeding with the preparations for the photo shooting yukata party in September.

Since the past party, the photographer took photos only at the party.

However, for this year, the photo shooing in the backstage dressing room will be held to

leave with many pleasant memories as well:)

You will have more photos of you and your friends, and other attendants!If you will be in Japan on September 4th and 14th, come and join us!!








London Bus Crusing Yukata Dress up Party!



Hello everyone!


For this year’s dress up party, we will charter a London bus and trip around Tokyo!
Main event will be photo shooting to create a petit work by all attendants:)

The party will be on September 4 (Wed) and 14 (Sat) at 19:00 in Tokyo!!


Don’t miss our party:D

We are looking forward to meeting you all!






April 6(Sat) 2013 Ohanami&Lunch party will be held!!


We are going to host an Ohanami(Cherry Blossom Viewing) lunch party on April 6(Sat)!

The party is a great opportunity to communicate with you all because
MIKOTO staffs are going to participate too.

The party is casual style. Let’s enjoy delightful cherry trees at the party purely!

After lunch party, we are planning to have an photo shooting time at a garden.
If the cherry‐blossom front is right time, we could see
a lot of fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the restaurant!

We are looking forward to having a wonderful time with you.


Date & Time: Saturday, April 6 13:45 – 16:30(planning)

Dress code: Kimono/Casual dress
Place: Tokyo, Sirokane Happo-en 1F Thrush Café
(Casual French course *not including alcohol)
Meeting time:13:30
Meeting place:Happoen entrance Map
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line,Toei Mita Line Sirokanedai Station (Exit 2 ; 1 minutes walk)
Seats: 6 persons
Price: 5,000 yen
(You need to pay in advance. Payment accepted by bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal is available to pay by credit card).
The deadline for entry: Sunday, March 24
* If you would like to dress in a kimono, feel free to contact us in advance.
* No hair make-up service available.
* Not including alcohol at the lunch.
Please use entry form.
The seats are limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.

Hope to meet you at the party:)




vol.6 A Yakatabune Yukata party at Kachidoki, Tokyo Bay!


Hello Everyone!

New blog post by kimono professionals is available today!

vol.6 A Yakatabune Yukata party at Kachidoki, Tokyo Bay!

reported by Chihiro Ogawa, Kimono Dressing Instructor&Dresser.

Chihiro’s Profile

She is a first grade Kimono dresser certificated by Kimono Culture Academy and Kimono consultant. Since her mother is a Wasaishi(Japanese dress maker), she is familiar with Kimono in her childhood. She is interested in Kimono and Japanese culture again during living abroad. Based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, she provides Kitsuke(Wafuku dressing) school and Kitsuke(Wafuku dressing) service.


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Yukata Party 2012 Report3

Yukata Party 2012 Report1
Yukata Party 2012 Report2

Hello everyone:)


Continued from previous report, it is time to take a picture.

The party is in its final stages now. It’s picture taking time!
Enjoy the experience of their gorgeous Yukata styles.



yukata party

Miss M wore a bright-blue Yukata and her smile was very charming.



yukata party

Wearing an elegant Yukata Miss O changes her facial impression beautifully by putting on an obi very intelligently.



yukata party

Miss M creates an attractive atmosphere by wearing her Yukata.



yukata party

They actually met for the first time at this party and took  a friendly picture together.


Left) By wearing a classical style Yukata, Miss T shows her good taste of summer obi.

Right) Miss N is gorgeous in this Bingata Yukata.



yukata party

Wearing Shibori Yukata Miss K, portrays a unique style.

She is a very attractive woman who perfectly represents the words “Traditional Japanese beauty”.



yukata party

Red color is portrayed in her Yukata.
Miss Yuka has an aura of that somehow shows a feeling of nostalgia.
She is an opera singer with an exquisite voice.



shibori yukata party

Miss A has calm personality and is  wearing a Sibori Yukata.


yukata hair style

One more nice shot of her, Her hair style is very attractive, isn’t it?



shibori yukata party

Miss O wears a Sibori Yukata.
Since she used to be a flight attendant, she is calm and her  behavior is like that of a lady we admire.



yukata party

Here are three beautiful ladies!
Miss T, Miss M, Miss H.
They all have a different presence to them and each Yukata they wear is very beautiful. Take notice of their unique Geta!



yukata party

Miss I participated at a Yukata party last year.
Her Yukata style was completely different from the previous time she wore one.


yukata obi musubi

She is a calm lady, and her obi has a pretty design on it.
The combination of the outfit was very charming.



yukata party everyone

Here’s everyone:D


How did you feel?
Space is limited so we cannot show every nice photo we took.

Thank you for coming to our Yukata party.
We are looking forward to seeing you at any of our future events!

The staff of MIKOTO



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Yukata Party 2012 Report 2


Click here Yukata party vol.1.



Hello everyone!!

Continued from the previous report, it is Belgium quiz time!


yukata party quiz

yukata party quiz

My hair style is like chimney! (Laugh)



Let’s take a look at what kind of quizzes we had.


(1) Which country did Belgium became independent from in the 19th Century?
(2) GODIVA is famous for its chocolate. Where is its birth place?
(3) How do you say “Japan” in Dutch?
(4) What do you call beer made in Trappist monasteries?
(5) “The Geographer” was painted by Vermeer. What kind of clothing is the man wearing?


The answer to the last question is Kimono.



Now, International Vermeer and Vermeer-Related Events were held in Tokyo at the Metropolitan Art Museum.
In addition, Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in the 19th Century. It is said that the Japanese Kimono was popular in the Netherlands and Europe around the 14th Century and many artists completed paintings of persons dressed in Kimonos.


I thought Belgium is a long way away from Japan, unexpectedly enough, Belgium and Japan have “a Japanese Kimono bond.”



Answer check….! Who answered all quizzes perfect?!

yukata party quize

yukata party quize present

What presents did they get?

In addition, each party participant receives
a special coupon in a gift bag which is given to them at the end of the party.

We listened to a brief lecture and learned that Belgium beer is very profound!



These glasses…. and

belgian beer

This one. Do you see the differences of its shapes?

belgian beer


It is said that there are many types of glassware for beer in Belgium. For example there are tulip types, sacred cup types, wide at the bottom types, a woman’s body type and so on…


We have to select the glass with beer brand.
Belgium beer is sold with a particular type of glass and to drink it in any other kind of glass is   incorrect.



glasses belgian beer

How many gorgeous glasses sit on the kitchen counter!



There are more than 800 beer brands, and there are beer kinds such as wine beer.


If you have the opportunity, why don’t you try and enjoy drinking Belgium beer?



Continues to Part3…