Malaysian batik-print KIMONO!!

Let us introduce a kimono brand, ROCCOYA!


What do you think about this kimono??
Modern impression, isn’t it?

This is an tailor-made by their customer.

What a beautiful!
This is made with Malaysian batik-print technique,
This technique is called “ROKETSU-ZOME” in Japan.

Then, the designed are painted on the lining, called “HAKKAKE”.

Yes! This is the “LINING”!! The backside of the kimono!!

This is one of how to enjoy kimono as a fashion.
The hakkake appears and disappears while walking
which looks fashionable.

So why don’t you check if you see a woman in kimono?

For more detail, please contact ROCCOYA

Rainforest Yukata?!!


Do you prefer traditional style yukata, or usucual style ones? We would like to introduce you unique yukata, named “RAINFOREST YUKATA”!!





Produced by ROCCOYA, and Roccko san is the owner of the shop. Roccoya’s concept is “KIMONO made by textiles overseas”. You will find that when you visit her shop online by clicking images below. Textiles come from variety of countries from Thailand, Korea, Canada, and USA.

How do you think about them? Exciting?!

If you live in Japan now, visit Yukata events at Laforet Harajuku!
You can meet Rocco san!

Don’t miss it! XD