The reason women living overseas want to wear kimonos

Hello everyone:)

I would like to tell a story about a woman living overseas , who is interested in Japanese kimonos .


She happened to have a friend who likes Japanese kimonos, and this served as the starting point for her interest in kimonos .

She said, “W e a ll have limited opportunities to wear kimonos as they are not everyday clothing. Although we are in different countries and have different background s, our interest in kimonos is same. ”


She continued talking as follows :

“ Kimonos are too beautiful for only Japanese to enjoy. I want to share kimonos with everyone around me. ”


It’s nice for us that there is a woman overseas who feels like this.

It is my opinion that kimono beauty has a positive effect on a person’s feelings or emotions and this is common throughout the world.

On the other hand, there are women, like her, who want to know about kimonos , but almost all kimono books and website s are written only in Japanese.

I have a lot of information which I want to share, and I think it is too good to only provide it in Japanese. If it is written in English or the others languages the interest in Japanese kimono may increase.


The word “MOTTAINAI” , which means “a sense of regret for wasting things”, has now spread across the world. I think that it is very MOTTAINAI that information about kimono and Japanese culture is only shared in this little island (Japan) .

We manage a member’s only online salon about kimono for overseas countries, and although the content is still limited, members are increasing.

There are various reasons to register on our website. I feel that many people are interested in Japanese culture, especially the aspect of our good manners and way of thinking.
I wanted to develop this online salon so that women who have no opportunity to wear kimonos can start to take interest in them.

Foreign people know about kimonos but Japanese people don’t know about them. A day may come, in the near future, when the “ Japanese Kimono ” becomes the “Worldwide Kimono” !


I was pleased to know that there are women like her and this is why
I introduced this story on my website.

A small number of people know about kimono now, but t o protect the Kimono culture we need the power of overseas interest.


Please become a salon member, especially if you are someone who has no contact with the Japanese Kimono culture but is really interested in learning more about kimonos.

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