My Kimono Story #8



Jenny (Finland)

I had always been interested in Japanese culture, especially kimono and when I got older I had the chance to actually wear one.

A few years ago I started studying chado. One day one of my friends from chado  borrowed me a lovely kimono to actually wear. I fell in love with wearing kimono and started looking for a suitable one for myself.

At first my kitsuke wasn’t very good but slowly and surely I’ve become better. Now I enjoy wearing kimono at lessons and on other occasions as well.

My kimono collection is not that big but all of them are unique and special to me.


“MY KIMONO STORY” finally started!


Hi everyone:)

We are happy to announce that we have started “MY KIMONO STORY” from all over the world!


Your story may provide someone the confidence and opportunity to start wearing Kimonos.
Your stories about a special event which started your interest in kimonos or
the reason why you started kimono life, might entice someone else to kimono life.

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My Kimono Story #7


ICHIYUKI (Germany)

For me Kimono is like a painting and so I gave every single Kimono I own a name. I always have been interested into art in general; I think that is the reason why I also fell in love with Ukiyo-e.

My name is Laura, born 1989 in Heidelberg, Germany. My passion for Kimono began about 3 years ago after friends of my mother gave me the book “Geisha, a life” by Mineko Iwasaki. Needless to say that I was impressed by the beauty and elegance of Geiko and their Kimono.

I searched after informations about Kimono and so I found the “Immortal Geisha” forum.

My dream about having my own Kimono was so big and one day two German member started a private kimono-sale. So I bought my first Tsukesage for a reasonable price. I try to wear Kimono as often as possible – mainly when I go to conventions or to a Japanese restaurant.

My favourite types of Kimono are Kurotomesode and Tsukesage. I am not married but Kurotomesode are something special for me and so I just collect them. As for motives I like peonies and senmen the most. Kimono is not something you wear like a jeans and T-shirt, it´s a passion, something you love from the bottom of your heart or it makes no sense.

It takes a while until you have a full ensemble and get used to tying the Kimono and Obi. But since I know Kimono I met people from all over the world and it makes me happy that we inspire each other and made friends.

To spread the love for Geisha/Maiko and Kimono I opened a Facebook page and a blog:

My Kimono Story #5




Last spring I purchased my first kimono.

I got engaged and we thought that we might go abroad after the wedding. I had liked kimonos before but despaired at wearing one, because I couldn’t do it. Besides, nobody else around me was wearing a kimono.

Finally, we decided to go abroad, and when I was thinking about something I could do, I remembered that I had been interested in kimonos before. I realised that I wanted to wear a kimono overseas, and knew that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it. So I began wearing a kimono.

Unfortunately, as I was a noviceI wasn’t able to wear a kimono neatly or tie an obi well yet. Despite this, I thought, it would be good for me to just start wearing one. This was when I began to wear a kimono by myself. I also found some kimono friends.

I met some of my kimono friends online and also got to know the kimonos shop owner, who taught me about kimonos, and as a result, my knowledge about kimonos increased.

The Kimono world is very deep and full of new discoveries. I wish that I had started wearing a kimono earlier.

My Kimono Story #6




My love of kimono has led me to wonderful adventures that I would have never anticipated. I spend four years in Okinawa.

We had a Japanese culture class once a week for an hour, teaching us Japanese etiquette, simple phrases in Japanese and how to sing folk songs.

I first wore a kimono when I was 8. I dressed in a little girl’s furisode for Girl’s Day. Everyone came to school in a kimono, even the boys did, on Girl’s Day. Years later, my husband and I attended a convention in Atlanta, where people would wear costumes.

I thought: why not wear real clothing, like a kimono?

So I began to research kitsuke and everything needed to wear a kimono. It took me one year to purchase my first complete kimono. Then, I had to practice kitsuke! At last, I was ready, so I wore a light yellow komon, with a purple and gold nagoya obi to the convention.

While there, I went to the vendor’s room and met someone selling vintage kimono. I was asked if I would be interested in helping sell kimono by dressing potential customers. I would be paid in kimono. I was in heaven!

Several months later, I was asked if I would be interested in selling kimono. I started Kimono USA, to spread the love and joy of wearing kimono and all the related artistic skill of dying and weaving of kimono and obi.

At Japan Fest, I met a teacher with Mai no Kai and started to learn Nihon Buyo. Four years later, I danced in Tokyo with Kozakura Kai.

Kimono instantly makes you feel elegant and encourages you to move gracefully. It is wearable art.

Everything about kimono is imbued with meaning and history. I think it is important to share this unique and beautiful tradition.

My Kimono Story #4



LINDA (The Netherlands)

My name is Linda, I was born in 1983 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For years I’ve been fascinated by Japan, its culture and the kimono. It makes me sad to know that the kimono is slowly dying. A few hundred years ago, thousands of people worked as kimono makers. But today? There are only a few families left in Japan who still do this great work.

I’ve bought my first kimono in 2004 on a anime convention. I never thought of wearing it properly, but in 2008 I started to get interested in actually wearing them.  I have been teaching myself more and more about kimono and kitsuke from everything that I can find in books or on the internet.

My collection began when I was about to organize a bachelorette party for my best friend who was getting married in 2009. She loves Japan, so I wanted to do something special for her.  I started to collect more and more kimono. And in the meanwhile I was still learning more about the way to properly wear them. The idea for the bachelorette party was to dress up all the ladies and go to a Japanese garden here in Holland.

The whole bachelorette party turned out great. At the end of the event I gave my best friend a complete kimono set for her to keep as a reminder of the beautiful day. And the funny thing is, that ever since the  bachelor party she has also been collecting kimono.

In my everyday life I try to wear kimono as much as possible, around ones a month. My favorite are kimono are from the Taisho periode, but wearing Taisho kimono can be a challenge for me, because I’m 176cm tall.

Next to wearing kimono i’m also working on alot of projects. One of them is  ‘Go Hime 姫の世界へ’. Go Hime is a “fan magazine”  inspired by ‘Kimono Hime’. A magazine that touched many kimono enthusiasts around the world. We found out that the kimono magazine ‘Kimono Hime’ was not being published that frequent anymore, we were even afraid that they stopped making it. But to our surprise we saw that they will publish a new issue next month. So in honour of this great magazine we wanted to create a “fan magazine” of fabulous kimono wearers wearing Hime and vintage/Taisho-style outfits. We are still working very hard on finishing this project.

Beside that I’m also active as one of the administrators of the ‘International Kimono Network’ facebookpage and one of the founders of ‘Kimono de Jack Holland’.

My Kimono Story #3



Kimono Dresser/ Instructor Kimono Salon – SHIKI –

I think that the first encounter to Kimonos was when I was in my mother’s belly. My mother was a Wasai-shi(sewing kimonos) so I had been familiar with Kimonos as long as I remember.

I haven’t always been interested in Kimonos. I thought, as a child, that a kimono was just a dress for special occasions. I was always very curious when I was young, and most of my interests were outside of Japan. I spent several years working and studying overseas when I was in my twenties.

After spending several years in such an environment, I was aware of my ignorance about Japanese tradition and culture. Even I had been familiar with Kimonos since I was a child, I couldn’t wear a kimono by myself.

I returned to Japan when I was twenty-four.

I might have myopic thinking but decided to become a Kitsukeshi (a kimono dresser).

I did this because I thought that Japanese people living overseas, like me, had many opportunities to wear Kimonos and needed many kitsukeshi and teachers.

At first, I felt that I wanted to do something to do with Kimonos, but the more opportunities I had to wear Kimonos, the more excited I became out them. After I got my qualification as a Kitsukeshi, I opened  kimono dressing schools and Kitsuke services in some cities here in Japan and also in Hong Kong in China.

What I found through my kimono business was the fact that Kimonos were not only loved by Japanese but also by people from all over the world.

I would like to continue my kimono activities and services to share the charm of Kimonos and provide a variety of activities for people who would love to enjoy Kimonos.

My Kimono Story #2




At first I casually thought to myself, “I want to wear a kimono!”.

It was just after this that I started to wear kimonos. As a student I worked part-time at a Tempura restaurant, where I had to wear a kimono.I was able wear a kimono on my own, but I had no real opportunity to wear one for five years after that.

One day, I happened upon a waitressing job. The restaurant needed an extra waitress for the Golden Week holidays. By then I had forgotten how to wear a kimono. Each day, as I wore a kimono, people praised me for wearing it neatly.

I was happy to hear that. When I wore a kimono, I had a good posture and I knew how I should behave as a woman.

I never forgot the sense which I had from wearing a kimono.It didn’t only augment my outward appearance
but also improved my confidence (gave me inner strength).

It’s the reason why I started wearing Kimonos.


We are happy to announce that MY KIMONO STORY has started!
The kimono which the woman in the world loves. You will learn from those stories that it is not a kimono of only “Japanese people” any longer.
If you are still in front of the door of the world of kimonos, please stop just for a moment and read their stories.
You will be a big kimono fan after knowing their lovely stories.