London Bus Crusing Yukata Dress up Party!



Hello everyone!


For this year’s dress up party, we will charter a London bus and trip around Tokyo!
Main event will be photo shooting to create a petit work by all attendants:)

The party will be on September 4 (Wed) and 14 (Sat) at 19:00 in Tokyo!!


Don’t miss our party:D

We are looking forward to meeting you all!






Yukata Party 2012 Report3

Yukata Party 2012 Report1
Yukata Party 2012 Report2

Hello everyone:)


Continued from previous report, it is time to take a picture.

The party is in its final stages now. It’s picture taking time!
Enjoy the experience of their gorgeous Yukata styles.



yukata party

Miss M wore a bright-blue Yukata and her smile was very charming.



yukata party

Wearing an elegant Yukata Miss O changes her facial impression beautifully by putting on an obi very intelligently.



yukata party

Miss M creates an attractive atmosphere by wearing her Yukata.



yukata party

They actually met for the first time at this party and took  a friendly picture together.


Left) By wearing a classical style Yukata, Miss T shows her good taste of summer obi.

Right) Miss N is gorgeous in this Bingata Yukata.



yukata party

Wearing Shibori Yukata Miss K, portrays a unique style.

She is a very attractive woman who perfectly represents the words “Traditional Japanese beauty”.



yukata party

Red color is portrayed in her Yukata.
Miss Yuka has an aura of that somehow shows a feeling of nostalgia.
She is an opera singer with an exquisite voice.



shibori yukata party

Miss A has calm personality and is  wearing a Sibori Yukata.


yukata hair style

One more nice shot of her, Her hair style is very attractive, isn’t it?



shibori yukata party

Miss O wears a Sibori Yukata.
Since she used to be a flight attendant, she is calm and her  behavior is like that of a lady we admire.



yukata party

Here are three beautiful ladies!
Miss T, Miss M, Miss H.
They all have a different presence to them and each Yukata they wear is very beautiful. Take notice of their unique Geta!



yukata party

Miss I participated at a Yukata party last year.
Her Yukata style was completely different from the previous time she wore one.


yukata obi musubi

She is a calm lady, and her obi has a pretty design on it.
The combination of the outfit was very charming.



yukata party everyone

Here’s everyone:D


How did you feel?
Space is limited so we cannot show every nice photo we took.

Thank you for coming to our Yukata party.
We are looking forward to seeing you at any of our future events!

The staff of MIKOTO



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