What does the experience of wearing a kimono bring?


Wearing a Kimono (including a Summer Kimono) brings pleasure to,
not only our eyes, but to the eyes of other people as well.

The Kimono world has a similar unwritten rule.

By the way, as for Summer Kimonos, it is said that people feel a certain sex appeal
when they see the nape of a woman’s neck revealed as she wears her hair up and gathers it in a bun.


The Summer Kimono is a slightly special outfit for the Japanese.
It is common knowledge that Japanese men fall in love with
“a woman if she just wear a Summer Kimono!”


As it is also known that wearing a Kimono (or a Summer Kimono)
can bring pleasure to other people’s eyes, I think
when one wears a Kimono or a Summer Kimono,
the style is similar to a so-called ”piece of art.”


We can say that such a point of view when there is
a consideration of other people’s pleasures is not
fashion but art that is why traditional cloths.


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Yukata Dress up party2012

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